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Planting the seed...

Rich Eshleman graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in horticulture after which he then traveled to Michigan and Washington State to gain more experience. In 1977 Rich and Betty Eshleman started growing fruit in Clyde at the former Goltz Fruit Farm, with forty acres of fruit. Today we continue to grow in acreage with sweet cherries, plums, asparagus, peaches, and one hundred fifty acres of apples. 

New plantings are high density, dwarf trees that grow better quality fruit. Our main orchard has what is called trickle irrigation and houses many of the new varieties. The farm has a 20,000 bushel cold storage and a 25,000 bushel controlled atmosphere storage. This means we have top quality apples into the spring of each year. We produce approximately 18,000 bushel of peaches and 40,000 bushel of apples each year.

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